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Cobia in cages

Cobia in cages

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Cobia in cagesMarine Farms Belize has planned its business and operates its farms as set out in its ‘Operations and Procedures Statement.’ This document explains how and why MFB operates as it does and explains its environmental, fish health, quality and social principles. We welcome customers who would like to visit our operations and see for themselves how these principles are applied.

However, we are aware that an assurance of compliance with our own principles is not a substitute for evaluation against independent standards and verification of compliance by a third party. To this end we are studying over 20 different certification programs for aquaculture that are in operation worldwide.

The World Wildlife Fund has recently reviewed these in a ‘benchmarking study’ - (click her to download the study - pdf, 3.65 MB).

This study ranked several of the programs, including that of the Soil Association of the UK ( higher than others (Soil Association organic fish-farming standards top WWF benchmarking study). MFB believes these highly ranked programs will become the programs of choice for many customers in future and where necessary will adapt its procedures to meet them. Many of its procedures outlined in its Operations and Procedures Statement are already consistent with the best operating practices required by these highest ranked programs.

Cobia in cagesIn addition, MFB will participate and contribute to any efforts designed to develop best practice certification programs specifically for cobia.

It will also respond directly to individual buyers who may have their own requirements and work with them to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome.

It is to be hoped that as momentum gathers for independent environmental compliance certification of all seafood some uniformity will develop about what standards are generally acceptable.

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