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Established in 1976, and under the leadership of CEO Bjørn Myrseth, Marine Farms ASA is a modern and diverse group of aquaculture companies. The company is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and manages businesses in United Kingdom, Spain, Vietnam and Belize. Marine Farms ASA website can be visited here

The Spanish operation, Culmárex, is headquartered in Águilas (Murcia) and hatches, raises and distributes sea bream and sea bass. The hatchery, AQUICULTURA BALEAR S.A.U. (ABSA) is located in Palma de Mallorca. Although the majority of the juveniles raised here are delivered to companies owned by Culmárex, some juveniles are also sold to selected third party customers. In this regard ABSA is unique in the Mediterranean as it delivers the majority of its juveniles by well boat directly to the customers' cages. Furthermore, the registration system developed at ABSA allows full traceability from egg to harvest, which has proved to be an important factor. Culmárex main customers are represented by wholesalers (60%), retailers (30%) and export (10%). The wholesalers are mostly high quality wholesalers, some located at the major markets. Among the supermarkets Culmárex supply we find Carrefour, El Cortes Ingles and Consum. Read more about Culmárex here,

In the United Kingdom, Marine Farms operate the Lakeland Group of companies, which specialise in vertically integrated production of Atlantic salmon, from the egg right through to market size fish. This gives total control over every stage of the production cycle, resulting in fish of consistently high quality. Lakeland's hatchery business is considered to be the largest independent supplier of salmon ova and smolt to the UK market. Broodfish are tested individually for the virus disease IPN, which is a major selling point. Demand for salmon smolt and ova in the UK is increasing. Approximately 35% of the smolt is used internally and the remaining 65% is sold to external customers. Lakeland's capacity is approximately 9,800 tonnes (GWT) per year. Sea Products of Scotland, a fully owned subsidiary of Lakeland, is a marketing company specialising in the supply and sales of farm raised species, primarily from Scotland. They exclusively represent in the marketplace the high quality salmon grown by Lakeland in their specifically selected sea sites. Lakeland is a niche supplier of salmon marketed as a high quality product. The main markets are UK and France and the main customers are processors, smokers, multiples and wholesalers. More on the Lakeland Group can be found here,

In both Vietnam and Belize, Marine Farms has recently established two new companies which farm cobia. These two new ventures are early pioneers of tropical marine aquaculture and as such are a milestone on the roadmap of aquaculture achievement.

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